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Tactical Operator Hat
by REfactor Tactical

I have some Special Forces friends who run REfactor Tactical and they are making some great products for operators.  As current operators, they know what works and what does not work for them down range.   I love the name of this company too.  If you are not familiar with explosives, RE Factor means Relative Effectiveness factor or R.E. factor.  It is the measurement of an explosive's power for military demolitions purposes. It is used to compare an explosive's effectiveness relative to TNT by weight only, TNT equivalent / kg (TNTe/kg). 

One of many pieces of gear they have is the operator hat.  I have been wearing this hat all summer without getting HOT Head thanks to its athletic design.  The extra velcro areas on the inside of the cap helps me store my patches when I feel like changing them out.

As a non-operator now, I enjoy this hat during my outdoor workouts strictly for keeping the sun out of my eyes, but I have used the bright orange signaling piece to get people's attention.  Sadly, I do not need the RE Factors listed in the hat binding, but it is a nice reference tool when hanging out with my EOD and Spec Ops buddies.  Here are some other features:

Other Features:

 2" x 3.5" embroidered velcro patch on front and back:  This is designed to fit standard American Flags.  Most hats come with one in the front, I have yet to see one with one in front and one in back.  The outside edges of the velcro are embroidered to increase longevity of the patches.  

1" x 1" velcro on top and on inside of cap:  This is to fit small IR squares that most operators put on the top of their caps.  The one on the inside is designed as storage when the IR isn't needed or in use.  

Mesh backing:  The hat comes with a sport mesh backing for increased ventilation during increased activity.

FlexFit design:  We build the hat on a FlexFit base to give the operator the best fit and allow increased comfort.  The hat comes in two sizes, S-M, L-XL which fits most head sizes out there.  We also had FlexFit use a reduced pitch on the front to give a more low profile fit. 

VF-17 Panel on inside:  This bright orange is used as a visual marker for operators.  The panel can be used as a near recognition signal for troops or even to signal close air support. 

RE Factors on inside tape seam:  They put the explosives and their respective RE Factors on the inseam for any operators out there working with demo.  

TNT Molecule label:  The molecule on the inside seam is the molecule for TNT and the logo for RE Factor Tactical.  

The Operator Hat is a nice hat and worth the money.  Place some cool patches on your hat and you are good to go!

Stew Smith is a former Navy SEAL and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 
He specializes in military and law enforcement fitness, particularly Special Operations units.  Please feel free to email him at with any comments or questions.


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