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Beginner / Weight Loss
Nutrition / Fitness Articles
Running / Swimming Articles Military / Police / Fire Fighter Articles Advanced Fitness Articles Special Operations Articles
15 Minute Workouts
20 minute workouts
ABD's of Nutrition / Fat Loss

Add Balance to Life
Adrenal Fatigue - Overtraining
Achieve Fitness Goals
Avoid Diabetes
Diabetes Part II
Avoid Internal Rotation / Pushups
Beer and Fitness

Beginner Fitness
Blood Pressure Reduction
Breathing During Exercise
Cardio Vs. Resistance
Cholesterol Reduction
Circuit Training

Diet Hints
Diet Plan
Eliminate the Sugar
Erin Story - Navy Wife
Family Fitness
Fitness as We Age
Fitness on a Budget
Fitness Over 50
Fit for Life
Fitness FOR Kids
Fitness Hobby
Fitness Quiz
Fitness Technology - Good & Bad
Fitness Wagon - Get Back On
Food is Fuel
Food Plan - Lean Down Plan
Food Pyramid
Food List Help
Getting Started Again
Healthy Start on Fitness
Holiday Weight Gain
Importance of Breathing
Indoor Workout Ideas
Lose Weight or Water?
Lose Weight - Three Step Plan
Lose Forty+ Pounds
Lower Back Health
Lower Back Plan - FREE PDF
Love Handles
Low Carb & Workouts
Motivation to Change
Motivation with Tough Love
Nauseated Workouts
New Year Resolution

Nutrition Article
Overwhelmed with Fitness
Pregnancy Workout
Psychology of Fitness
Pre-Habit Fitness DVD!
Rest with Crunches
Refresh Your Workout
Shoulder Workout
Set a Fitness Goal
Sleep and Fitness

Speed of Reps in Training
Starting Over Again
Stress and Fitness
Too Much Water?
Too Much Water is BAD
Weight Loss -Take 10 Day Test
Weight Loss Pills












ALL Running plans
Avoiding Cramping
Combat Swimmer Stroke
Running Evolution
Knee Injury Prevention
Myofascial Release
Passing Military Swim Test
Prevent Run Injury
Run and Leg PT
Run -
Drop 2:00 off pace
Run Faster
Run Even Faster

Running and PFT Help
Running - Get Back to it...
Running - Interval Training
Run Properly

Running Plan - 1.5 -2 mile runs
Running Plan for Beginners
Running - Decrease Time
Running for Fitness Tests
Run with the Sun!!
Run in the Cold - Gear Needed
Running in Pollution
Run Speed - 1.5 mile & 300m
Run Plans - 10 mile,1/2 marathon
Shin Splints or ECS?
Shin Splints
Swim - Beat Cancer
Swimming Options - non impact
Swimming Without Water?
Swim with fins
Too Hot to Run
Treadmill Training
Treadmill Review
Triathlon Training
Underwater Swimming Training
Underwater Swim w/o Water




























Army Articles - from Basic to SF
FBI Articles
Col Grossman - Sheep Dogs
10% physical / 90% mental?

Ace the PFT
2011 Army PRT / CRT info
Air Assault School
Air Force PFT
Air Force NEW PFT Preparation
Air Force PFT Chart
Airborne Training
Army PFT info
Army PFT Success
Army Weight Standards

Boot camp Article
Boot camp Prep

Build a PFT
Candidate Fitness Assessment
Coast Guard Fitness
Combat Course
Common PFT
CORE Training for Military
Creatine and Military PT
CPAT Training for Fire Fighters
DEA Workout
FBI Workout
FBI Training Tips
Federal Law Enforcement
Fire Fighting Training
Fitness Training Pipeline
FLETC Article
Helicopter Rescue Swimmer
Job Search Info
Law Enforcement Links
Marine PFT
Marine Corps OCS/TBS Training
Marine Weight Standards
Mental Toughness
Mentally Tough or Stupid?
Military Articles Link
Military Beginner Fitness
Military Career Article
Military Triathlon
Navy Ht / Wt Standards
No Weights at Bootcamp
Obstacle Course Training
Older Recruits
Pass the Tape Test
Military Swim Test
Join Military/Police @ 30+yrs old
15 day PFT Prep
PFT Anxiety
PFT Bible
PFT Differences
PFT Fatigue - Strategy Counts
PFT One Month Away!
PFT Strategy - transition training
PFT Questions (10)
PFT Standards (All)
PFT Taper

PFT Transition
PFT Workout Ideas
PFT - Build Your Own PFT
PT Pyramids
Pullups Foundation
Pullups - Ace the Test
Pullups - More Alternatives

Pullup Push Workout
Pushup Push Workout

Pushups - Ace the Test
Perfect Pushup System

Preparation for Military Service
Prepare for the Service Academy CFA
Proper Situps
Q & A with Stew Smith
Recruits Start Here
Remedial Military Fitness

Self Motivation
Service Academy Admissions
Summer Seminar at USNA
Succeed in the PFT
Stuck on Pushups
Top Five ?'s of the Week
Training for Ruck Marches
Training Pipeline
Underway Workout
USNA/Service Academy - Ten ?s
US Troops too Fat?
Veteran Fitness Businesses
8 Count Body Builder Pullup
1000 abs workout
ABD's of Nutrition / Recovery
Advanced Balance for Athletes
Avoid Internal Rotation / Pushups
Beach PT Ideas
Cold / Flu - Workout or Not?
Fitness for Athletic Kids (teens)
High Altitude Training
Hot, Humid Workout Recovery
Indoor Workout Ideas
Leg and PT Super Sets
Military Grade Nutrition
MJDB Workouts
Nauseated Workouts
Next Level of Fitness
Periodization Training
PT / Weights Everyday?
Pullup / Pushups Everyday?
Obstacle Course Races
Pullup Pushup Max OUT!
Push / Pull Balance
Weights PT and More Pullups
Recovery Routines
Shoulder Workout
Tough Workout Ideas
Two Workouts a Day
Travel Workout
Variety of Cardio Options
Washboard Abs
Weights, PT and Pullups
Weight Gain
Workout Everyday?  Can I?






























12 Weeks to BUDS Workout
Air Force PJ
BUDS Warning Order
Coast Guard DOG Training
Combat Conditioning
Drown Proofing Tips
Fight Science
From Power to Endurance
How to Get to BUDS
Hyper - Hypothermia
Log Pt Prep 
Marine Recon / MARSOC
Military Triathlon
Operator Hat
Navy EOD - Diver
Navy SEAL Creed
Navy SEAL Hell Week
Navy SEAL APP (iPhone / Droid)
Navy SEAL Articles - ALL
Navy SEAL Diversity
Navy SEAL Prep for Teens
Navy SEAL Network
Navy SEAL Inventions
Navy SEAL Grinder PT
Navy SEAL Article
Navy SEAL -  Is it for you?
Navy SEAL - Top 10 Things
Navy SEAL OCS Route
Navy SEAL - Endurance Athlete
Navy SEAL Mental Toughness
Navy SEAL - Rumor Control

Q and A with Stew Smith
Ranger Workout
Recommended Gear List
Recovery at BUDS
Soldier Workout - two a days
Special Forces Article
Special Ops Doctrine?
All Special Ops Careers
Special Operations - Get There
Special Ops - Who's Toughest?
Special Ops - How to Prepare
Special Ops Selection
Spec War Draft
SWAT Competition
SWCC Article
Underwater Swimming
Weight Gain for Ranger School
Weakness at BUDS
























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