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The Special Ops Workout
                                                                          By Former Navy SEAL Stew Smith CSCS and Mike Mejia CSCS

The Special Ops Workout has a true variety of special operations preparation workout routines with a differing focus for each.  Mike Mejia writes a functional fitness program complete with core strength and movement pattern workouts to help build a foundation of fitness that any special operations candidates can build upon.

The following Army Special Forces, Air Force PJ / CCT, and Navy SEAL workouts enable the reader to tryout each of the three special operations options and see where strengths / weaknesses are.

The Army Ranger / Special Forces section focuses on core strength, rucking, running, leg endurance, as well as upper body muscle stamina to prepare for SFAS and Ranger Indoc.  See more ideas for Army training at Army Articles.

The Air Force PJ / CCT section focuses on a foundation of running and swimming for cardio along with high rep calisthenics and core strength exercises.  Being comfortable in the water is a must as the swimming / rescue / diving portion of training is very challenging.  This workout will help you ace the PAST and follow on training.  For more information check out Air Force PJ / CCT article.

The Navy SEAL section focuses on high rep calisthenics, core strength, and fast paced running and swimming workouts.  It will help you reach top ten percentile in the New SEAL / SWCC PST Draft Scoring system.  A new system designed to only accept the highest fitness scores nationwide.

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Get in Spec Ops shape and be prepared for training program:


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